An online employee survey tool

Prepopulated with SMART questions, across six essential pillars of your organization. The results instantly show what needs fixing, where the repairs need to happen, and what requires priority attention.

The challenge with surveys.

Build a strong organization from top to bottom and from inside out.
Listen to what your greatest stakeholders (your staff) have to say, because each group/department within your organizational structure/hierarchy has a different voice, with different challenges, perspectives and needs, each requiring different solutions.

The question is…do you know what those needs are?
Or, do you make assumptions? We hope not!
Successful organizations validate their planning with measurable insights.

What insights are you measuring?
Organizations who use online feedback tools don’t often get the results they are looking for, because they:

  • don’t ask the right questions
  • struggle to choose from a myriad of off-the-shelf, irrelevant, silo/standalone-surveys
  • don’t know how to apply the insights to drive improvements
  • don’t understand how the results of one survey impacts another survey
  • don’t understand that there are different needs for different groups

Watch to learn
why you need
something different.

The Blind Spot Review will help
you gain the insights needed to
help drive improvements within
your organization.

We have a different approach.

We believe a successful organization is built upon 6 interdependent (not standalone) intangible pillars (assets). All of which must work together to build a strong company from top to bottom and from inside out.

These 6 intangible pillars (assets) are:
1 - Organizational Culture
2 - Employee Engagement
3 - Processes / Training
4 - Productivity
5 - Strategy
6 - Marketing

We believe all 6 intangible pillars (assets) must work together.

Healthy culture = Engaged employees
Valued and respected employees = A willingness and eagerness to grow, learn & follow prescribed processes
Well trained employees who follow processes = Increased attentiveness, productivity and accuracy
Excellent productivity = The ability to work as a team to execute on strategy, and projects
Strategic understanding = The ability to create and live up to marketing promises, mission, vision, and values

In the end, you create amazing customer experiences.

It's quite simple.
You can’t expect great productivity from staff who haven’t been trained or who don’t have processes to follow.

You can’t expect your employees to model your vision and marketing message, if the culture is poor.

And you certainly won’t delight your customer if everyone isn’t rowing in the same direction.

Our Solution is the Blind Spot Review

The 6 pillars

An online feedback tool that asks proprietary SMART questions across all 6 interdependent pillars of your organization, through one survey.

SMART questions

Our SMART questions are designed by thousands of professionals, consultants, strategists, CEO’s, HR professionals, and employees.


The SMART questions are pre-populated, so you never have to choose from a myriad of off-the-shelf, irrelevant, silo/standalone surveys.

What needs fixing

The answers to each of the SMART questions makes it easy to immediately identify what needs fixing.

Where repairs are needed

The comparative data of the entire organization, as well as each department show where the repairs need to happen.

What requires priority

The at-a-glance charts reveal which areas of your organization require priority attention.

Effective communication

It shows how your staff, receive, process, and share information to drive organizational improvement.

Personality combinations

It helps you discover if you have the most suitable combination of employees in the appropriate departments.

It's better and different than anything else you've tried.

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Why you should use it

  • Instant, colorful, and easy to read graphs are generated as a pdf and ready for you to share with your team
  • Insightful reports make it easy for your team or consultant to use and implement
  • Allows you to concentrate on implementing solutions rather than data mining/collection
  • The results are reflective of your organization and not subjected or compared to poor benchmarking
  • Re-survey at any time and compare with your past surveys
  • Option to customize future surveys if desired
  • Confidential results and anonymous responses
  • Automated invitations, reminders and thank you emails
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Save money

Instead of tirelessly trying to figure out what’s wrong with your organization, you’ll be able to use that effort to implement the actionable insights you will gain through the Blind Spot Review.

If you have an existing team ready to implement, then we are thrilled for you, but if you don’t, we can help. We can go it alone, but what we like to do is work with you and your team. We believe that way; we can create collaborative, responsive, and accountable teams that drives results.

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You should also know that:

  • Backed up daily and hosted in Amazon's Canadian location using Amazon Web Services (EC2 & S3) to manage user data securely.
  • We are Canadian made and designed for organizations and not-for-profits of all sizes.
  • Accessible online through any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile)
  • A SaaS product based on a yearly subscription license
  • Unlimited responses, which means you can re-access anytime, to ensure you are seeing results from what you are implementing
  • Easy online payment

Evaluating your organization.

Tangible assets (pillars) of a company


Intangible assets (pillars) of a company
Strategy/Brand Recognition
Solid Customer Base
Good Customer Relations/Service

83% of a company’s value was based on their tangible assets
17% of a company’s value was based on their intangible assets
(based on the S&P 500 research from Ocean Tomo)

18% of a company’s value is based on their tangible assets
82% of a company’s value is based on their intangible assets
(based on the S&P 500 research from Ocean Tomo)

So why has an organization’s value reversed?
The answer is quite simple…you can duplicate the tangible!

Based on these percentages, it’s the intangibles of your organization that can differentiate you from your competitors.

Why intangibles pillars are important.

An organization should want:

  • a culture that your people can stand behind
  • a happy team that has little turn-over
  • a productive and well-trained team that can deliver on expectations
  • a mission, vision, and set of values that are consistent throughout every pillar of your organization
  • amazing experiences for your customers/members
  • an abundance of sales
  • a solid reputation
  • to change the status quo
  • to pursue organizational excellence
  • to change their state to good
  • to know how to grow faster
  • to know why they aren’t growing at all

Your customers/clients need to be convinced that they are partnering with an organization that:

  • has a mission, vision, and set of values that reflects trust
  • will be here in 5 years from now
  • can execute on their order/contract on time, and on budget
  • have processes in place, that protects, and expedites
  • treat all their employees with respect
  • has a collaborative environment
  • are relationship focused not just transaction focused
  • are transparent, honest and have integrity
  • excellent communicators
  • can put their money where their mouth is
  • can embody who and what they claim to be
  • can live up to their brand’s promises
  • provide exceptional customer service
  • are progressive industry leaders
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